The Sarah Ramsey ’12 Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative

The goal of this new initiative, committed by Jim and Susan Ramsey, is to empower Champlain College students to reach their goals and dreams in building and expanding upon the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, and mentorship in memory of Sarah Ramsey ’12. Our goal for this initiative is to inspire students to apply their creativity and innovation toward making an impact on the world, just as Sarah did during her all too short life.

The Sarah Ramsey ’12 Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative builds and expands upon – and is separate from - the value being brought to Champlain College students through the Sarah Ramsey ’12 Endowed Scholarship (started in 2013) and the Sarah Ramsey ’12 Innovation Lab (opened in 2016).

See below to learn more about the intended use for donations made toward this new initiative.

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The Sarah Ramsey ’12 Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative is intended to provide financial support in the following areas:

  • Direct support to the Champlain College Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Funding of 2 to 3 student fellowships appointed to annual assignments.
  • Creation of a student Venture Fund, which will provide student start-up ventures with some initial pre-seed funding to support activities such as testing ideas, web-site support, and minimal viable products (MVPs) and prototypes, with the intent to put ideas into action.