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In the 2020-2021 academic year, 230 donors + 45 endowed scholarships provided tuition assistance to 2,163 students.

17 New Americans were assisted in their pursuit of higher education through the New American Scholarship.


27 single parents were given support with tuition and targeted programs through the Single Parents Scholarship.


27 veterans were assisted with tuition and targeted programming through the Yellow Ribbon and Veterans’ Scholarship.


38 high-potential students from underserved communities were assisted with tuition and programming through the CARE program.


67 Vermont students became the first in their families to go to college with help from the Vermont First Scholarship.


84 deserving students received tuition assistance from 45 endowed scholarships.


1,903 students received need-based tuition reduction through the Support-a-Student Scholarship.


Invest in a Champlain scholarship fund today.

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